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Liar, Lair, Diamond on Fire

Then she said,

I’m so fucking tired of

being the only one to parent,

exhausting myself beyond

please let me finally expire

for the night for the day, maybe a trip away

will save me from the day

I finally get fed up

with being alone this way

and say HEY,

why is it all on me

to love them the right way?

All the while friends and family

don’t get it, won’t get it, then hate me

in their way, because I choose

not to stay and be told

this isnt the right trauma

and if you don’t handle it my way

then you can’t stay.

Friends who need you

but don’t pick up the phone

when you need someone

to help you stay away

from that cold, cold bay of

I think I’d like to leave,

jump away from this fray

and not return

with air to breath and

bones to keep the puzzle at play.

Liar liar diamond on fire

Hanging from a circle of dire

needs to be met


mine don’t catch the same fire

never important enough

to make room

to save a life

from eating flames for breakfast

hanging from a telephone wire.

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