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The Podcast

The Millennial Rewatcher is a film recap podcast. Every other week, your host, Meghan Valentina, rewatches a movie that meant something to her growing up and discusses it through a new lens- a late-diagnosed autism and ADHD lens, analyzing the films of her past and why they meant so much to her.

The Millennial Rewatcher: Welcome


Dirty Dancing

The way I feel when I'm with you

In the first episode of The Millennial Rewatcher, we are talking about Dirty Dancing! Join me while I recap and discuss Baby and Johnny's on-screen romance (and their off-screen friction turned friendship) and all the things that make Dirty Dancing a classic film.

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Dante's Peak

Watch out, my dudes; it's a disaster film!

Dante's Peak was one of my favorite films to watch with my dad when I was a kid. Now that all grown up me no longer have a relationship with my dad, rewatching Dante's Peak, believe it or not, has been an interesting and completely different experience. Regardless, I still love this movie just as much! Join me as I recap and gave some fun science info on the film!

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