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I Can Find the Words

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

I know what I need to say.

I do not question it.

I do not need to find validity,

search for unerring words,

the best way to loop them together.

You turned me with a passion

pressed thoughts to my lips

giving them to the places I beg

memory to keep.

I know what I need to say.

The letters thread in collusion

stitching truth into realization

imprinting them from my mind,

giving them to the out loud.

My body splits with fear,

a fissure of terror that I will lose you,

and yet-

If I were to open each door before me

with your smile behind it,

wake with you

sleep fluttering under beds cover

limbs contentedly entwined,

from now to till times last beat,

would never be enough.

If I lived in your endearments,

the brush of your fingertips sweeping over

my thigh

my arm

my cheek,

a wondrously infatuated gesture,

until I can feel no longer,

would never be enough.

To fall into your forever,

arms I cannot part from,

irises that know my every emotion

with a magic,

every morning

every night

every summer sunrise,

could never be enough.

One moment turns into a year, ten

breathing in the memories

you paint on my skin,

will not be enough.

Creating radiance in a story,

movie magic,

leading lady to leading man,

hands clasped in a forever

from now till the last Miami sunset,

is not enough.


I love you.


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